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Building certifier Queensland
QBSA - QBCC A737840


John Middlemiss can arrange your building approvals and inspections in these areas. Please contact this office for further information. You don’t have to go to Council for a building permit. John is a local licensed building certifier that will issue your building permit / approval pronto

We can approve your new dwelling, shed, pergola, house addition, or other building.

We also do your footing, frame and final inspections, FREE building advice too !

We have operated our private building certification business since 2005. We do all facets of building certification / approval work.

Please Note: We do not do swimming pool certification or pre-purchase inspections for sale of houses.


Associate member
Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors


  • Do you own an income producing building?
  • Is the purchase of an income producing building proposed? - This may be a useful tool in deciding investment feasibility - for you and others?
  • Are you an agent that markets or manages rental building, and who wants to fully inform your client?
  • Are you a tax agent that prepares tax returns for clients that have income producing buildings?

The Australia Taxation Office recognises a quantity surveyor as a qualified person who is able to prepare tax depreciation schedule – unless otherwise qualified, values, solicitors and accountants are not necessarily included as qualified persons to estimate costs of construction.

Residual value of a property can generally be deducted over a period of 40 years – from date of construction. Selected depreciable items can be deducted at higher rates – there deductions decrease in and subsequent tax liability. Australian tax law made residential buildings depreciable from 18.7.85. Our tax depreciation schedule will clearly define all the individual depreciable items, the residual value of the asset and their value at commencement of depreciation.

All you have to do is provide us with:

  • the legal description and street address of the property
  • a scaled readable drawing of the site (indicating boundaries and house location) and floor plan (indication rooms, etc) - and date of building approval
  • access to the building - a quick on site assessment is required to assess the depreciable items - this usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. After the on site assessment and payment of fee, allow 6 working day to compile the depreciation schedule

Our all inclusive fee:

Single house/town house - $660.00

Single unit of a multiple (unit, duplex, triplex) - $660.00

Units are complex in that they share assets with other - fire safety, paving, fencing etc; their entire + cost has to be determined, separated and apportioned to each individual unit.